Here are some updated pics from the dory build (haven’t worked on it in a couple of weeks w/ the holidays and stuff….). I made up some stands for the bottom, and shored it up (down?) with 2×4’s to the overhead… I have the first piece of 1/4 template material bent around one side to see how much I still need to plane from the bottom (not much fortunately…). Note that the frame moulds are just that. They are not the final frames… (I wrestled with this decision for awhile after reading John Gardner’s book vs looking at pictures from the guys in Nova Scotia. The “mould frames first, add the right angled frames later” approach seems more in line with my “don’t get hung up on the details approach to all things. It seemed to me to be easier to move the moulds as needed to accommodate the natural lay of the planks, then get out the actual frames later when it’s all good…).