Yeah, it’s been about 2 years! But I’m still building and boating…

Here are the latest pics of the dory… We’ve been getting a lot of use out of it !

Up next: How about a downwind sail on that thing?…

More updates:

Trimaran – I bailed on that idea – I didn’t like the feel of the laminated beams against the hull. They were too big and bulky. If they got loose, could have torn up the boat, and maybe the people in it. So I took the boat out “as is” for one last season. It was great.

So, Dory is done and in the water. Launch is gone. Dinghy is gone too. Time for another boat 🙂

(Also been doodling a lot. I keep coming up w/ a trailerable power scow or sharpie. I’ve got this 15hp outboard now, see…. Or I could sell it and just buy a Grand Banks or something).