Wood is expensive!

I decided to use Radiata Pine from the HomeDepot for the beams. Problem is, their website says they have tons of 16 footers in stock, but NONE of the local stores have ANY.

So, off to negotiate with the local lumber yard (which is sometimes worse than going to a used car lot…).

I ordered (12) 1x4x16 boards.

I got (14) 1x5x16 boards instead. Seems they couldn’t get the order right. But I did get the wider boards for the same price as the 1x4s. So I can’t complain too badly. In the end, I just hope they’re not too big/heavy (although I’m not sure what that would actually mean…?).

Ok, so I set everything up perfectly. I mean clamps, cauls, etc. Perfect. See?:

Then when I epoxied them up (pure epoxy both sides, -then one thickened layer (wood flour) on one side only), I couldn’t get them perfect. Really frustrating! I think I didn’t clamps them up from the middle out quite enough. I did, but something must have gotten stuck somewhere. I tried to fix it for about an hour. It wouldn’t go back to perfect 🙁  I do, however, think it’s probably good enough. And I’ll wrap some fiberglass around it for good measure. Maybe. We’ll see (yes, this is my typical design spiral)…

More after I get them cleaned up…