I’m working on a new boat (as usual). A Banks Dory designed by John Gardner. 12′ on the bottom (as Dory’s are typically measured). 15’6″ overall.

img_2279 img_2282

The bottom is done. 2 pieces of 3/4′ ply scarfed together, beveled w/ a plane, spokeshave, and (after I got tired) electric handplane, -after cutting to shape with the circular saw.

img_2299 img_2301 img_2333-1  img_2337

I experimented with the frames. I used 2×4 material with 1/2″ plywood gussets. I didn’t like the way they look, so I resewed the 2×4’s on the bandsaw and used mesh plates to join them. Much better looking IMHO…

img_2376 img_2378

I laminated the stem from 2 resawed 2x4s. I think I could probably get away w/ just 1 2×4.

Am thinking that the whole point of a dory is to build a boat easily & cheaply. So next time (maybe even this time) I will use the 2×4’s “as is” (save time) and definitely stick w/ the mesh plates.

Transom and the rest of the frames are up next…