So, for years, I did almost all of my woodwork outside. Occasionally, I would keep the doors closed if it was too cold, but really, if it was too cold, I stayed in the house!

This year I said “enough is enough” and sprang for a dust collection system.

Here’s what I did:

1. Bought a starter kit


2. Bought a fig-a-ma-jig that gets placed on top of a bucket to separate out the dust so your shop vac doesn’t get clogged


3. Bought a bunch of extra hoses and a couple of extra gates and Y connectors that I still haven’t used…

4. Bought a little switchy thing to turn the vacuum outside on/off

5. Built an enclosure for the shop vac OUTSIDE – so the dust doesn’t blow right back into the shop… (duh – have heard arguments for and against, but for me it’s just “duh”…)

Uh, that’s it !